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Introducing the Chicago Divas, a tribute band honoring four legendary Mexican divas: Julieta Venegas, Natalia Lafourcade, Ely Guerrero, and Rita Guerrero. Assembled by musician Jose Perez, this talented ensemble from Chicago embodies the essence and musical brilliance of these iconic artists. Experience an unforgettable journey through the captivating sounds and soulful performances that have made these divas beloved worldwide. Join the Chicago Divas as they bring the magic of Mexican music to life, enchanting audiences with their talent and passion.

Lucy Valdez


She started singing in her High School Choir. Yet, she was always behind the scenes. However, she found the courage to share her art by recording a YouTube video in 2016. Lucy immediately caught the attention of various Chicago musicians, who invited her to be part of their projects, and the rest is history.

Melannie Gonzalez


I started singing when I was 7 years old, I am currently 16 and love what I do. when i was 9, I became part of my first band named “La Katrina”. Then, I was invited to be in another band named “Efectos Secundarios”. Once I finished with them I made my own band named “Colectivo 312”with some friends. I am currently dying solo work and working with the Chicago Divas and I couldn’t be happier! Aside from my singing carear, I am currently Señorita Guerrero and I am in acting as well. I am beyond grateful for how far I have come and I couldn’t have done it for you… yes you, the person reading this. So thank you for being you 🙂

Alicia Gonzalez-Quiroga


I started playing music as soon as I could talk; I’ve been singing since I was a baby. I began playing saxaphone when I was 9 in grammer school band and have been playing since. I started my career as a musician in 2019 as a vocalist for a thrash/alternative metal band. Although I dabbled in guitar for a few years, I began playing professionally in 2021. Since then I’ve sang with a varirty of alternative styles from New Wave, prog metal, punk, alternative jazz, post punk revivial, to mariachi, and now Pop Mexicana. Im currently the Lead vocalist in Fantasma Negra and Influen5 with rhythm guitar in Fantasma and Keys, Sax in Influen5. I’ve played in many Chicagoland venues since 2021. Sevearal notable venues include Reggies, Distro Music Hall, Cobra Lounge, Beat Kitchen and Fitzgeralds. In 2022, Fantasma Negra won a chance to open for Ruido Fest and did so opening day.

Chio Pio


Since little I’ve been a music enthusiast. From the typical toddler singing and dancing, to the high school kid joining drumline and the h.s band. I always had to be around music, setting time aside to explore and listen, discover new genres, absorb the sounds and lyrics. After high school though things kind of turned around and I wasn’t as involved anymore besides going to concerts and festivals. Things changed though nearly a decade later and I joined my first band in Oct.2020 The Hell Catz. I had met the guitarist at a local show, we got to talking and next thing I knew he asked me to meet up for a jam and the rest is history. That resparked my love for not only listening to music but actually creating it. Since joining The Hell Catz I started involving myself in other projects as well like Chicago Divas and even working on my own solo project, Chio On Shuffle. Honestly all of this has been unexpected but I am going along with it while the spark is there. I’ve had the honor to play at some cool big festivals in Pilsen like Taco Y Tamale Fest as well as Pilsen Fest. Its been a really fun ride and its been amazing meeting and working with people with the same passion as me.

Stephany Saa


I started with my first band Media Luna in 2014, I,m the singer and one of the song writers of the band. I have been playing with them for 9 years, and have played in different cities around the United States. I have also been fortunate enough to take Media Luna to Guatemala and Mexico. I play in another cover band called Celestial Tributo a RBD. And I recently started playing with Chicago Divas, I do a tribute to Ximena Sariñana.

Joey Nava


I was an energetic toddler, always running around, and banging on everything. My parents noticed that, and decided it be a good idea to get me a Jr drum set. My very first drums was a Jim Hensons baby muppets drum set. My childhood is where I really got into music and drums, the fact that my uncles played in a grupero band and attending their rehearsals and a few shows with my dad really stuck to me and wanted to be in a band from there on. I started a band my freshman year in high-school and my knowledge and skills in drums expanded. I joined my very first band in 2008 with Pure Remedy, which is an alternative rock band based out of South side Chicago. We’ve recorded 2 full length albums and done plenty of shows. Most memorable shows were 2019 Ruido fest, Congress theater, Fiesta del sol just to name a few. Current bands/projects I’m playing with: Pure Remedy, Tizoc, Southside Bandits, and Chicago Rock Ensemble.

Arturo Valle


Arturo’s biography is coming soon

Jose Perez


After a long time isolated from music I found the time to return to the musical environment which is my passion without knowing how and where to start without knowing anyone in the local scene little by little I began to connect with some talented musicians and thus to turn on a new adventure in the local scene that I baptized it as Chicago Rock Ensemble

Jaime Marcial


I discovered my love for playing the keyboard when I was just 13 years old. Though my formal training only consisted of four classes, it was enough to spark my passion for music and inspire me to continue my musical journey.

Throughout the years, I have had the privilege of playing alongside some incredibly talented musicians who have helped me to improve my skills and broaden my knowledge. I have played various music genres, such as cumbia, norteño, pop, and rock.

I have been honored to share the stage with renowned Latin bands and artists, including El Tri, La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio, and La Lupita. I have also performed at prestigious Chicago venues like El Aragon Ballroom, Apollo Theater, and Fitzgerald’s Night Club.

My history with Jose Perez is over 23 years since we played in his original music project, Version 3.0.

After taking a 20-year hiatus to focus on my career and family, Jose contacted me through social media in early 2023 and invited me to join Chicago Rock Ensamble – Tributos.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to reignite my passion for music; I eagerly accepted his invitation and picked up where I left off. I am grateful and fortunate to continue pursuing my love for music with this excellent organization.

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