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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Caifanes with Lo Esencial, the ultimate tribute band honoring Mexico’s legendary rock icons. With meticulous attention to detail and undeniable passion, Lo Esencial recreates the magic of Caifanes’ iconic sound. Join us for a mesmerizing celebration of Mexican rock heritage with Lo Esencial, the definitive Caifanes tribute.

Jose Perez


After a long time isolated from music I found the time to return to the musical environment which is my passion without knowing how and where to start without knowing anyone in the local scene little by little I began to connect with some talented musicians and thus to turn on a new adventure in the local scene that I baptized it as Chicago Rock Ensemble

Joey Nava


I was an energetic toddler, always running around, and banging on everything. My parents noticed that, and decided it be a good idea to get me a Jr drum set. My very first drums was a Jim Hensons baby muppets drum set. My childhood is where I really got into music and drums, the fact that my uncles played in a grupero band and attending their rehearsals and a few shows with my dad really stuck to me and wanted to be in a band from there on. I started a band my freshman year in high-school and my knowledge and skills in drums expanded. I joined my very first band in 2008 with Pure Remedy, which is an alternative rock band based out of South side Chicago. We’ve recorded 2 full length albums and done plenty of shows. Most memorable shows were 2019 Ruido fest, Congress theater, Fiesta del sol just to name a few. Current bands/projects I’m playing with: Pure Remedy, Tizoc, Southside Bandits, and Chicago Rock Ensemble.

Miguel Gama


Miguel’s biography is coming soon.

Amparito Martinez


Amparito’s biography is coming soon.

Jonnathan Campos

Lead Guitar

Jonnathan’s biography is coming soon.

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